About us

We, Menorca en Velero is a family that has been dedicated to chartering sailboats since the beginning of the 2000s.

Our goal has always been the same; offer everyone the opportunity to get to know this island and pamper our clients,
respecting the environment as much as possible and keeping the prices affordable.

Our commitment is to provide quality nautical tourism with the least possible ecological impact.

Also, if you are interested, we would be happy to teach you how to sail.

Pili, founder of the company, is the friendly and helpful voice that will answer your calls,
whatsapps and emails, that will accompany you throughout the purchase of your sailing tour.

Nacho, our main captain, is passionate about the sea and sailing. Ask him about the secrets and history of the island, listen to his anecdotes and take advantage of all the nautical knowledge he has.

Aya and Manu complete the team and will ensure that your sailing tour has everything you need.
Tell them your preferences and they will find a way to make them come true.

Pili, fundadora de la empresa, es la voz amiga y servicial que atenderá tus llamadas, whatsapps y emails, que te acompañará en todo el proceso de compra de tu salida.

Nacho, nuestro patrón principal, es un apasionado del mar y de la navegación a vela. Pregúntale sobre los secretos e historia de la isla, sumérgete en sus anécdotas y aprovecha todos los conocimientos náuticos de este lobo de mar.

Aya y Manu completan el equipo y se encargarán de que tu salida cuente con todo lo necesario. Comenta tus preferencias y ellos encontrarán la manera de hacerlas realidad.